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Noise Control during new plant construction

During design and construction of a new plant, the following noise control techniques could be applied :
  • Buy quieter equipment;
  • Group noisy equipment in isolated and treated rooms to control noise;
  • Install vibration isolators and inertia base, if needed;
  • Install silencers, if needed;
  • Keep offices far from noisy equipment;
  • Build offices on a independent floor if heavy equipment with reversible motion (ex. : diesel engine, press, screen, etc.) cannot be isolated;
  • Use a perforated metal bridging for ceiling and a perforated metal coating for the walls;
  • Install acoustical screens to isolate noisy areas from quieter areas;
  • Install partitions with high sound transmission loss;
  • Install acoustical ceiling tiles;
  • Seal leaks;
  • Ensure that noise corrective actions are implemented.

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