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Noisy facilities or outdoor activities generate noise that shall be controlled to a specified target noise level to comply with regulations.

Planned or existing facilities Nuisance Assessments and Impact Studies
Study for the delivery of a Certificate of Authorisation
Regulatory Compliance Requirements
Training in Environmental Noise Management
Regulation Writing
Expert Witness Testimony
Environmental Impact of Noisy Facilities

Noise emission from industrial, commercial, institutional or recreational facilities can affect the  surrounding environment. By conducting a community noise impact study, it is possible to analyse or predict the contribution of each noise source, determine the impact at the receiving point and propose the optimum noise control approach to limit noise disturbing effects on the quality of the environment.

Outdoor Vibrations

Buildings and their occupants can be heavily impacted by structure-borne noise from construction sites, industries, transport-related sources, such as roadway and railway traffic.  It is possible to attenuate vibration effects with appropriate acoustical treatments.

N.B. Vibrations may also be introduced by building mechanical systems (HVAC) (vibration isolation) or outdoor sources (outdoor vibrations)

Environment Regulation

In Quebec, day and night noise levels are generally regulated by municipalities. An environmental impact study of acoustic nuisance (noise or vibrations) resulting from a project becomes a deciding factor in the planning of industrial and residential developments.  Keeping good relationship with local, provincial and federal governments and the neighbourhood will prevent community noise complaints and operating add-on cost.

TIPS: Design quieter facilities
  • During planning, take into account and minimise environmental impact of activities and facilities
  • Select equipment showing the lowest possible sound level
  • Judicious layout of the equipment prevents noise and vibration transmission

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