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Centre hospitalier Pierre-Legardeur  - Acoustics of the Ambulatory Center of Lanaudière
Développement D'Arcy-McGee Ltd. - Acoustics Projects of U2
Groupe Canvar - Acoustic Design - Profil O, Broadway, Place St-Moritz
Héma Québec - Noise Reduction in the Conference Rooms
Régis Côté Associés & Architectes / IBM - Acoustics of the Sub-Station Expension
SIQ - Acoustical Improvement for the Offices at 500 Rene Levesque
Technofab - Acoustic Design - Condominium Projects
Ventilabec - RC Curves in the New Buildings of Merck Frosst
Bombardier Aérospatial - Acoustic Design - CF-18 Hush House
Cascades inc. - Environnmental Noise Reduction Study of fives Factories in Kingsey Falls
Hewitt Équipement/Bell Canada/
Hydro-Québec -
Acoustic Design of the Acoustical Shelters and Containers sheltering for the Power Generating units
Hydro Québec/GE Hydro - Sound Impact Study of the New Station TFV Langlois
GE Moteurs d'avion - Environnmental Noise Reduction Study

Transport Ray-Mont (1992) inc. -

Sound Impact Study of the Distribution Yard

Ville de Terrebonne -

Noise Impact Study of the Go-Kart Operation


Ciment Lafarge - Noise Reduction Program of the Cement Factory in Candiac
CSST - Training for the Inspectors, Consulting in the Programm of Intervention in the Sawmills, Redaction of Practical Guides for Noise Control
Les Aliments Lesters Ltée - Noise Study and Solution; Witness Expert for CALP
Noranda inc. - Noise Control of a new gold mine Hemlo
Pratt & Whitney Canada - Noise Reduction for the Test Cells
QIT Fer et Titane - Development and Tests in Laboratory for Noise Reduction Devices of the Flame Arresters
Solmax International - Noise Reduction in the Factory

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