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INDUSTRIAL NOISE- Occupational Noise Control ( Industry – Commerce – Entertainment )

Health, safety and sound comfort at work!
To correct or prevent risky situations and to be in conformance with regulation


Planned or existing facilities Evaluation of compliance with regulation
Guidance in noise and noise exposure mitigation methods Guidance in acoustical treatments and product selection and installation
Guidance in planning and developing equipment noise management program
Compatibility of industrial equipment with office activities
Integrated noise reduction plan in new facility design
Noise Control


Noise control in working areas assures a pleasant and safe working environment.  By managing noise levels and workers' exposure, and by taking corrective actions, it is possible to protect workers against adverse effects of excessive noise generated by noisy activities, machines or processes

Vibration Control


Rotating machinery or machine with rotary engine can generate substantial vibrations often resulting in direct perturbation of machines, sensitive apparatus, structural elements, and individuals.  Structure-borne noise travels through the structure and, after radiating somewhere else in the building from walls, ceilings or floors as airborne noise, is heard by occupants far from the vibration source. 

N.B. Vibrations may also be introduced by building mechanical systems (HVAC) (vibration isolation) or outdoor sources (outdoor vibrations)

Compliance with Regulation

Workers on production floors spend long hours manipulating, controlling and maintaining equipment that is often very noisy. Noise level and employee's noise exposure in the workplace have been regulated by strict standards set by Federal and Provincial governments. It is essential to take necessary measures to ascertain compliance with stipulated levels and reduce the risk of hearing damage

TIPS: Three ways to control noise
  • Control at the source
  • Control propagation paths
  • Protect receptor

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